'Escape From Christmas TV'

It's the most wonderful time of the year... Whether you love Christmas TV, or you want to Escape it, why not put on your Christmas hats or ugly sweaters and join us for our holiday special of Escape from TV.

Fun for all the family, in this part reality TV christmas special escape game adventure, you and your team journey through multiple rooms to see if you can Escape from Christmas TV. If you want to get out of Christmas TV, a little bit of knowledge about it will help. Nothing will be quite what it seems..

For anyone that played the original game our Christmas Edition, whilst following the same storyline, has completely different puzzles and a gameshow all wrapped up in Christmas.  So while you might know what to expect, this certainly wont make the challenge any easier.  In fact the only advantage you might have is knowing you will get more out of it if you put more into your audition this time!

WARNING:  If you can't stand Christmas and rarely watch TV our Christmas TV Special might not be your cup of tea.  Use your Days of Christmas wisely and merry you will be (this warning may include a useful hint if you are coming to play the game ... or it might not!)

For information on our special escape game and festive meal package then head to our packages page.  If you just want to book the game on its own then you can do so on the link below.